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Optimal Health Reset™

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Here is what our members are reporting:
  • Fewer medications
  • Healthy blood sugars
  • Weight loss
  • ​More energy
  • Less pain
  • ​Fewer cravings
  • New healthy habits
“My blood sugar readings were 411. After 3 months, my blood sugar in the morning is 118 to 138 and improving day by day. The days when I can ride the bike or walk/run, my numbers are in the 90’s. I am no longer tired. I no longer have the swollen joints, the high blood sugars, the feet tingling from neuropathy, or the dizziness.”
“I joined Dr. Carla’s whole-food, plant-based program. It changed my life. After 3 months in the program, I am down 20 pounds and my A1C is 5.8 and my blood sugars average 99 (fasting) to 130 two hours post meals.”

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